Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's in the cards—

I must say that while I have a pretty good memory, I am horrible about remembering people's names after the first meeting. It used to be that I would hone in on one detail like, "you know, the girl with the really pretty gold chandelier earrings?" or "the one with the cute leopard flats?" Details like that were always lost on my not-so-observant husband and really didn't do me much good when the next sighting their outfit had changed completely and I had no way of recognizing them. Now I find myself noticing their children instead rather than accessories, but I still can never remember the mother's name, leading to exchanges of "Hi, Jack's mom..." being commonplace in the nursery school parking lot.

If you have found yourself in the same boat, have no fear, there is a solution— the mommy card. One of my genius mom-friends, Emilie, asked me nearly five years ago to design one for her. She was new to town at the time and wanted a card with her contact information so she could arrange playdates, etc., with the other mom's she met at preschool, the park, etc. I thought it was a cute idea and happily obliged, but just didn't realize exactly how valuable it could be.

Here are a couple of examples:
These are cute, handy, and so much faster than digging around in your huge bag to find a scrap of paper and a pen to exchange email addresses in the school parking lot!

And for those of you whose "kids" happen to be the four-legged furry kind— How about these for the dog park? Puppies need playdates, too, right?

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