Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sign me up!

I just was looking over Whitney English's blog and saw her post on Boatman Geller's new product Carrie and Tuck. It's a perfect little stationery case with pockets for notecards and envelopes, a pen, and a clipboard to keep your list of who needs to be written. Sign. Me. Up. Between Grady's birthday and Frannie's arrival I have a list of at least 45 thank you notes to write, and I haven't even sent birth announcements out yet. And I try to stay on top of these things! People have been so kind with bringing us dinners, baby gifts and birthday gifts, and somehow, my list is not getting any shorter. I believe if this is not the solution to my problem, it certainly will be a nice way to accessorize it! I will most definitely order the kelly green and fill it with my own Anne Hitchins stationery, of course!

Boatman Geller Carrie and Tuck

My monogrammed foldover notecards in kelly green & black.
One last thought: I am always trying to simplify my life and come up with a perfect go-to gift. I think I'll take Whitney English's lead and this would be a great shower gift for new moms and brides-to-be alike. A cute case stocked with personalized stationery—how could you go wrong? Now if I could only figure out how to order the Carrie & Tuck monogram online...


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